Z-Ro Says Houston Is “Not A Music City Anymore”

Z-Ro Says Houston Is "Not A Music City Anymore"

Z-Ro provides an update on collaborative project with Slim Thug, talks “Melting The Crown” album.

During an interview with XXL magazine, Houston, Texas rapper Z-Ro didn’t hesitate in sharing his honest opinion on the current state of the Hip Hop scene in his hometown. While speaking with the publication, the rapper revealed that Houston rap hasn’t “been in a good place since 2004.”

He then attributed the scene’s decline to a lack of unity and togetherness due to everyone “doing their own thing.”

“Man, Houston rap ain’t been in a good place since 2004 in my opinion,” Z-Ro said. “Again, I’m gonna say this my opinion, but we’re not together up here. Everybody’s doing their own thing. I ain’t pointing no fingers ’cause I’m the main one doing my own thing, but there ain’t no togetherness in the music. I’ve been saying that for years. Everybody wanna be the man by themselves and there’s no synergy working. I mean, it’s cool everybody can pay they bills, but I mean, our rap scene’s fucked up. It’s not a music city anymore. We’ve got a lot of people doing a lot of good music here, but everyone wanna be the man by themselves. So really, it’s like a bunch of Crips and Bloods. In my opinion, [it’s] kill or be killed. There ain’t no unity in this muthafucka. It’s fucked up.”

Z-Ro also spoke on what now appears to be a shelved project with fellow Houstonian, Slim Thug. According to the Texas wordsmith, it was suggested that the pair divide the 42 songs they did record in half and use them for solo projects.

“To tell you the truth, your guess and everybody else’s guess is as good as mine,” he said. “Where shit stands right now, we were 42 songs into recording some shit. All of a sudden, it was brought to me that we should split the songs in half and just put them on our individual solos. Last time I visited the situation, that’s what it was. So I’ve just been focusing on getting this Z-Ro shit ready ’cause it looks like that shit is up in the air right now.”

In regards to his own new project, Melting The Crown, Z-Ro was asked what fans can expect from the album. He revealed that the project will boast more singing and will be “a refreshing product for the fans.”

“Like you said, the new album’s Melting The Crown,” the rapper said. “My hardcore fans and some of my new fans, they’re gonna appreciate the project. There’s more singing on there, but I’m still doing my thing lyrically. It’s basically me with just a lot more creative control. You know how that goes, sometimes [labels] won’t let you put out the song you want to. This is kind of like the first time I didn’t run into any roadblocks and could be as creative as I wanted. It’s gonna be a refreshing product for the fans.”