YG Says Tupac Shakur Inspired Him To Want To Go Back To School

YG Says Tupac Shakur Inspired Him To Want To Go Back To School

YG speaks on the contributions of the millennial generation, says Tupac was a father figure to many.

During a panel discussion attended by the likes of Afeni Shakur and Mopreme Shakur (Tupac Shakur’s brother), West Coast lyricist YG spoke on the impact the late rapper had on his personal life.

Although YG was only six-years-old when Tupac was shot and killed, he revealed that Pac’s music was so moving that it made him want to go back to school.

The Compton, California musician, who previously shared his belief that Tupac is still alive, later spoke on ‘Pac being a father figure to those with no fathers in their lives.

“His rhymes was like poetry and all that. He wanted to be better,” YG said. “I ain’t graduate high school and all that. I was like ‘I wanna go back to school.’ I was six when Tupac passed. My mama she—I grew up off of West Coast music…I got older and I was really listening to it. It was like he talking about stuff that I relate to. He really talking about the black culture…Some people don’t have no father figures in they life, so people look up to Tupac as they father figure and they apply that to their life.”

MissDimplez.com reports that later in the discussion, YG was asked if the millennial generation of artists he’s a part of have contributed enough socially.

“It comes naturally,” the rapper said in response to the question. “You’ve got artists like Kendrick Lamar, and that’s just what he do. It’s gotta come from the heart. If it’s not you, it’s not you. That was really Pac.”

In addition to YG, other talent who took part in the panel discussion at Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum included Public Enemy lyricist Chuck D and film director John Singleton.

A portion of the audio from the panel discussion can be found below (via MissDimplez.com).

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