Wiz Khalifa Seeking More Custody From Amber Rose For Son Sebastian

Wiz Khalifa Seeking More Custody From Amber Rose For Son Sebastian

The Pittsburgh rapper reportedly unsure about the models parenting skills.

Wiz Khalifa is seeking more custody of his and Amber Rose’s one-year-old son, Sebastian, according to legal strategies obtained by TMZ.

“We’ve learned Wiz’s camp has put together a laundry list of complaints,” TMZ reports. ”Amber often stays out all night, requiring that relatives and staff take over. The family dog eats its own feces and then licks Sebastian’s face. When she wakes up she’ll play with the kid for 15 minutes or so and then disappear. Amber and her mom have a volatile relationship, laced with ‘shouting matches and vulgar exchanges,’ which upset the boy. And during the arguments the N word was hurled by Amber’s mom.”

Khalifa has not yet filed for custody, but the preceding scenarios depict some of Wiz Khalifa’s legal teams evidence of Rose’s parenting.

During an interview Hot 97 last week, Amber Rose said that Wiz Khalifa’s recent streak of womanizing has caused her emotional distress.

“Since I filed for divorce my husband has been out with 50 different women,” she said. “Pulling sweaty white bitches out the club. All these other girls, I ain’t even gonna talk shit, all these other girls, do whatever. Not only was I in the house crying everyday, mourning my husband, you know, I had to see that on top of it.”

Rose also described how this state of vulnerability led her to twerk on Chris Brown at a club.

“And I’m in the house,” Amber rose says. “I was like, ‘You know what Chy?’ [to] my friend [Blac] Chyna, ‘Maybe we should go out tonight. Maybe I should go out and just have a couple drinks, let loose a little bit.’ Chris Brown, I did Chris Brown’s video seven years ago. He’s been my friend for such a long time. I wasn’t like, ‘I’m gonna go to the club and be all over the Internet.’ He was there and we danced for like 20 seconds. Yes, it was petty. It was so petty. But that’s what happens as women when you get your feelings hurt. You’re in a very vulnerable state to be petty at times. That was one of those times.”

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa split up September 22. Rose initially offered Kahlifa visitation rights to their son Sebastian, prompting Wiz to seek joint custody.

In January, Amber Rose made an impact with a social media post of her string-laced body flossing on a balcony overlooking a beachfront. The caption, an ode to the MILF from the filmAmerican Pie, reads “Stifler’s mom.”

Wiz Khalifa responded via Twitter.

“Yes, my baby’s mother is fine as fuck,” Wiz Khalifa said.

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