Watch Larry King Make Big Sean Squirm With QA On Marrying Ariana Grande Making a ‘Little Sean’

Watch Larry King Make Big Sean Squirm With Q&A On Marrying Ariana Grande & Making a 'Little Sean'

Big Sean photographed on Jan. 27, 2015 in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Weinberg

Larry King sure knows how to make a guy feel awkward. 

The talk show legend caught up with Big Sean to discuss the rapper’s new album, Dark Sky Paradise. But then Sean got squirmy when the questions started probing his relationship with Ariana Grande.

First, Larry asked how Sean hooked up with Ariana, his girlfriend. Well, “we’ve been friends for a while. It kind of progresses from there. She’s great though, she’s awesome. She’s great to work with.”

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And then Larry hit Sean with the not-too subtle question, “how serious is the relationship?” According to Sean, “It’s pretty serious.” And then came the clanger: “will the pair get married?” “Ahhh, c’mon man,” said Sean. “Not right now.”

So Larry decided to probe a little deeper, with talk about a “Little Sean.” Big Sean fesses up, “Yeah, eventually. That’s the goal.” Larry crunched the numbers (Ariana is 21, Sean is 26) and lets his guest off the hook. “You’ve got plenty of time.” Phew.

Listen to Big Sean’s New Ballad ‘One Man Can Change the World’ With Kanye West & John Legend

Big Sean is hitting the promotion trail for his new collab-packed album release Dark Sky Paradise, which drops today (Feb. 24). Ariana and Big Sean team on the track “Research,” which is said to be about his ex-fiance, Naya Rivera. The rapper’s third studio album is a gloomier and more angst-ridden set than its predecessor, 2013’s Hall of Fame. “It’s not dark,” he says of “Research”. “A lot of the album has a dark tone. It’s one of the couple songs that isn’t that dark, but the concept is still just as real.”

Ahead of the LP release, Sean dropped a soulful ballad called “One Man Can Change the World” that features cameos by Kanye West and John Legend, and a track featuring Drake and West called “Blessings”.