Vivica Fox Says 50 Cent Was “The Love Of My Life”

Vivica Fox Says 50 Cent Was "The Love Of My Life"

Vivica Fox wishes 50 Cent “the best” during interview on “The Meredith Vieira Show.”

Well over a decade after Vivica Fox’s relationship with rapper 50 Cent ended, the actress addressed the relationship during a recent appearance on “The Meredith Vieira Show.” According to, Fox revealed that 50 Cent was the love of her life, but ultimately wasn’t the right person for her.

“I really, really cared for him and I loved him very, very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me,” Fox told Meredith Vieira, reports “That’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart, you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me.’”

The actress then went on to wish 50 Cent the best and later spoke on now being able to trust her heart with relationships.

“I wish him the best, he is amazing and baby, he’s fine, but…sometimes love ain’t always right,” she said. “The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right. [I learned] to trust in my heart and know to take the time not to settle. I think as women sometimes we’re afraid to be alone or we think, ‘Oh my god, he’s a great catch.’”

During an interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show last April, 50 Cent revealed that it was his touring and their varying schedules that led to he and Vivica Fox ending their relationship with one another.

“You know what happens? It’s the touring,” 50 Cent said, according to “Our lives would be moving us in different directions at the same time. So it’s enough space for us to actually still be into each other. But if you’re away from each other and it’s not right, then she’ll start getting off into things while you’re getting into things at the same time. I like to float away. It’s nice to float.”

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