Video Shows Suge Knight Was Ambushed Before Hit-And-Run Says Attorney


(Allhiphop News) A lot of the public information involving Suge Knight’s current murder case did not seem to favor the former Death Row Records executive, but his attorney is now claiming video evidence could help exonerate his client.

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According to an AP report, members of attorney David Kenner’s office viewed surveillance video of the incident. Kenner says the footage shows Knight was “ambushed” before the 49-year-old was involved in the hit-and-run that left one man dead and another injured.

Knight killed Terry Carter when he hit the 55-year-old man with his truck. Cle “Bone” Sloan was also hurt during the encounter. Witnesses have expressed to police Knight’s action seemed to be intentional.

One woman told a 911 operator the driver of the vehicle “pulled back and pulled forward” over the victims. The caller stated she saw a fight happen at the scene as well.

Suge Knight has pled not guilty to the charges of murder, attempted murder, and two counts of a hit-and-run. He is currently still behind bars until a bail-review hearing in March.

Deputy District Attorney Keri Modder is seeking Knight’s bail in a separate robbery and felony threat case to be raised to $1 million. The prosecutor cites the murder charge against Knight as the cause for a higher bail. Kenner is planning to fight the motion at another hearing next week.

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