Uncle Murda Says He Hopes Suge Knight Avoids Jail Time

Uncle Murda Says He Hopes Suge Knight Avoids Jail Time

Uncle Murda not surprised by hit-and-run Suge Knight was involved in, or Epic Records refusing to put up bail money for Bobby Shmurda.

During a newly-released interview with Vlad TV, Brooklyn, New York rapper Uncle Murda revealed that even though former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight has “been out here reckless forever,” he hopes Suge avoids jail time following the hit-and-run accident he was involved in.

In regards to news of the hit-and-run, Uncle Murda said he wasn’t surprised by either the accident or any of Suge’s other notorious encounters. The New York City wordsmith also shared that he wasn’t surprised when Epic Records chose not to help its artist Bobby Shmurda following his arrest last year.

“I mean, that’s another situation,” Uncle Murda said when asked about Suge Knight. “It’s like when you hear about Epic not helping Bobby, and I said, ‘I’m not surprised.’ When I hear about some shit like that with Suge, I’m not surprised, man. I’m not gon’ lie. Suge been out here reckless forever. So, I’m not surprised to hear about Suge catching a body. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t wish jail on no man. So, if he got that lucky charm in his shoe, I wouldn’t be mad if Suge got off. I don’t wanna see Suge in jail. I don’t wanna see nobody in mothafuckin jail. Like I said, that’s big business for them other mothafuckas…If Suge still got that lucky horseshoe and he can pour some magic out that hat—I mean, shit. I’d like to see him beat the case.”

Uncle Murda’s conversation with Vlad TV then transitioned into a discussion on crime in general when the topic of crimes that do and don’t deserve to be followed by jail time was brought up.

The rapper questioned why someone who robs a convenience store is immediately put in jail when the United States invades countries, sends soldiers abroad when it’s to their benefit and faces no punishment.

“I mean, they don’t have shit,” he said when asked why someone would risk their life for a few hundred dollars. “You talking about people that might not have shit, Vlad…It don’t only be Black mothafuckas. I done seen White mothafuckas run up in convenient stores with guns trying to rob it. So, I think it just be a point where mothafuckas don’t be having it and they get to a point [where] they feel like, ‘By any means necessary, I gotta get it.’ Now I’m not saying that’s right. Running up in the convenience store going and robbing somebody that’s hustling, too. I don’t condone that, but I understand sometimes when a mothafucka do do it.”

Uncle Murda’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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