Tupac Writes “I’m Tearin B.I.G. A New Ass!” In Newly Unearthed Letter

Tupac Writes "I'm Tearin B.I.G. A New Ass!" In Newly Unearthed Letter

Handwritten document reveals Tupac’s intentions to bridge divide between West and East.

Tupac Shakur discusses plans for One Nation collaborative album that would have featured OutKast in recently unearthed handwritten letter dating back to 1996, according to OkayPlayer.

“I’m doing a record now called ONE NATION it’s a group album with me, Greg Nice, Buckshot, Smiff & Wesson, OutKast, The Outlawz, Scarface &E40,” Tupac Shakur writes in the letter. “It’ll be out in the late summer.”

The album never surfaced and Tupac Shakur was shot in September 1996. The writing, whose authenticity was spoken to by Roots member QuestLove, is addressed to Big Lock.

“Big Lock!” Tupac writes to head the letter. “What the fuck iz up wit ya my Homie! I know it took me a while 2 reach back 2 u but I’m sure u know how hectic timez have become lately, but just recognize the fact that not a day passes that I don’t reminisse about that spot & the true & fakez I came across. Az 4 me my record sold 5 million do I love it like that. I’m tearin B.I.G. a new ass! J”

The reference to Tupac’s first 1996 album, All Eyez On Me, serves as a bit of one-upmanship towards New York rival The Notorious B.I.G.

Brooklyn, New York rapper Buckshot, recalled Tupac coming to his defense against Suge Knight.

“Suge has something going on in Vegas and everybody from Death Row had to be there,” Buckshot says in an interview published last month. “Snoop and everybody had already loaded the plane but Tupac hadn’t loaded the plane yet and Tupac had all of us with him so Suge told Tupac he has to board the plane, we have to go… And Tupac said, ‘I’m not boarding the plane unless all my peoples board with me, ‘which was us. And Suge was like, ‘You’re kidding me. You’ve got to board this plane and have them dudes get on another flight and get down there however they going to get down there’… And Pac was like, ‘If I don’t go, none of us go.’ I’m hearing this and I’m like, ‘No Pac just go!’”

Shakur ends the letter with words of inspiration and a job offer.

“What tapez u need? Tupac writes. “I’ll try 2 get some new material 2 u when I can stay on point, playa. Keep the faith, sht getz better, Don’t even sweat the bitch made niggaz that try 2 playa hate me becuz that can’t c me. Tell my real doggz my real true niggaz ‘one love’ stay alive! I got that gardener job waiting 4 u and the benefitz r perfect. So when u get here I’m witcha! Let a nigga know what u need! The World Iz Ourz, WestSide Life.”

Tupac’s letters are as follows:




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