Trey Songz Will Be The Face Of SX Liquors

Trey Songz1

If anyone can appeal to the ladies, it’s Trey Songz. That’s why he has been tapped to be the face of SX Liquors, a spirits company that wants to appeal to the women with an assortment of rum, vodka and tequila that’s bottled up in a curvy bottle. Their tequila comes as SX cafedoble and SX Cha Cha Cha, vodka is deemed SX negro and SX blanco and rum is available as SX Samba and SX Mojito.

“We needed to find the best person on the planet that could help us market, not only from a collaboration of ideas, but also the ability to take it to the people and when we were introduced to Trey Songz and his amazing following, especially for females, it was just the perfect fit,” David Knight, SX Liquors CEO, said at a New York press conference.

The “Slow Motion” singer said that the idea of being the face of the brand was brought to him by his management and that the sensual packaging caught his eye.

“At first, I was very interested in the bottle, the bottle is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and if you really pay close attention, it’s like a lady’s legs crossed, which, to me, represents sexy but classy at the same time.”

Trigga also spotlighted the new liquor in his “Slow Motion” video and says that will be keeping it in tow wherever he goes.

“We will not fail, you will see SX everywhere I go,” said the VA crooner. “It will be used as a tool… If you want Trey Songz, you got to have SX too as far as promotions go, as far as shows go, as far as clubs go, as far as anything we do. We will need commitments from the parties that will be wanting commitments from us. I look forward to seeing SX in your homes, SX right on your bar and I want you to request it at the clubs.”