TOTEM, ‘Sabotage’: Exclusive Song Premiere



Courtesy of GFCNY

Atlanta is known for its rap scene, but that’s not the only kind of music the city produces. Raury, for example, earned a lot of attention last year for a project that was as much folk and pop as hip-hop. Another Atlanta singer, TOTEM, carves out a different part of pop for his exploration: his Soundcloud page is full of expansive tracks that combine the tender vocals of R&B with up-to-date, buzzing beds of pop and electronic. This music pays attention to small details, but still aims for a big impact.

Check out an exclusive premiere of TOTEM’s new song, “Sabotage,” here on Billboard.

“Sabotage” builds slowly into a swirling barrage of percussion. “The worst part of it is how I know that you don’t give a shit,” TOTEM sings. “I’m so f—ed up and it/ even feels like I still miss you sometimes.” He weaves his vocals in and out of the thunderous beat, produced by BoyGenius.

TOTEM keeps his identity a secret for now, much like the Weeknd and others did before him. But you can still find out about him through his music. “Sabotage” will appear on the Pride EP — look for that February 24.