“The 10 Best Rap Performances In SNL History” List By Complex

"The 10 Best Rap Performances In SNL History" List By Complex

From Kanye West to LL Cool J, here is Complex’s “Best Rap Performances In SNL history.”

Saturday Night Live‘s recent 40th anniversary special and Kanye West’s “provocative” performance during the broadcast, has inspired Complex to round up the “10 Best Rap Performances” in the sketch comedy show’s history.

When SNL began in 1975, Hip Hop was still in its early “break beat” stages. Therefore, the show’s creators didn’t enlist a Rap-based musical guest until its sixth season (1981) when it invited the The Funky Four Plus One. The Bronx-based Hip Hop group’s appearance was the first-ever national network televised rap performance.

Many of the Rappers that made it onto Complex’s top ten performed during the ’80s or the genre’s golden era, the ’90s.

Check out the top 5 below and visit Complex for the full list.

5. Drake “Started From the Bottom” (2014)

4. Funky Four Plus One “That’s the Joint” (1981)

Funky 4+1 – Thats The Joint (On Saturday Night Liv… – MyVideo

3. Dr. Dre Feat. Eminem “Forgot About Dre” (1999)

Dr Dre & Eminem “Forgot About Dre” Live… by WorldwideWestside

2. Kanye West “New Slaves” (2013)

1. LL Cool J “Go Cut Creator Go” (1987)