Suge Knight Rushed To Jail Infirmary After Court Appearance

Suge Knight Rushed To Jail Infirmary After Court Appearance

Knight also announced that he has fired his lawyer, David Kenner.

Suge Knight has been transported to the hospital for the third time in two months.

The Death Row Records co-founder was taken into a jail infirmary today (March 2) following a scheduled court hearing, the Los Angeles Times reports.

For the first time since Knight was arrested in January for his involvement in a deadly hit-and-run that killed Terry Carter, he spoke in court.

Knight announced that he has fired his lawyer, David Kenner, who represented him after he parted ways with James E. Blatt – the attorney that represented him initially.

According to the Times, Knight asked L.A. County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin if he could talk, then proceeded to describe his current health conditions.

“Since I have been here,” he said, “I’ve lost about 30 pounds. I can’t really see…I can’t really comprehend what’s going on.”

Knight also reportedly leaned over a trash can during his visit in court as well.

After Judge Brandlin ruled that Knight’s future hearings will be held in downtown LA, he was taken directly into the infirmary.

In February, Knight was taken to the hospital after suffering chest pains while in the lockup area near the courtroom. Just a few weeks later, he was scheduled to appear in court but fell ill before he was transferred from jail to court.

Knight has been in prison since the hit-and-run incident occurred outside of Tam’s Burgers near the 1200 block of West Rosecrans Avenue in Los Angeles.

He is also facing charges stemming from a separate incident in 2014 where he and Katt Williams allegedly stole a camera from a celebrity photographer.

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