Suge Knight: A Timeline of His Legal Troubles

Suge Knight

Suge Knight attends the Belvedere Ultra Lounge Day 4 At Club OPM on Feb. 17, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Moet USA

Suge Knight was reportedly involved in a deadly hit-and run on Thursday, Jan. 29. According to reports, Knight reversed his car and hit two bystanders — actor Terry Carter, 55, who died shortly after and actor Cle Sloan, 51, who was injured.

Knight turned himself in to the LAPD Friday morning and is being held on $2 million bail.

Ice Cube & Dr. Dre Not Present at Suge Knight Hit-and-Run, Source Confirms

Knight — co-founder of rap label Death Row Records — has seen his share of legal troubles. Below is a timeline of his legal altercations, in chronological order.

1992: Knight reportedly assaulted two rappers at a Hollywood recording studio.

1995: Knight pleaded no contest to felony convictions of armed robbery and assault with a firearm in a federal case.

1996: Knight was sentenced to nine years in prison for violating his parole — allegedly due to a fight that occurred hours before 2Pac was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. Knight served five years, and was released on August 2001.

Several Death Row associates and rivals were killed from 1997-2003, according to The Washington Post, including two of Knight’s bodyguards, Henry “Hen Dog” Smith, creator of the Death Row logo and more.

2003: He served 10 months for reportedly punching a nightclub valet.

2005: Knight was arrested in Barstow, Calif. after police found marijuana in his vehicle during a traffic spot. He was booked on charges violating parole. He was released a week later and placed under house arrest for two months.

2005: Knight was shot in the upper leg at pre-MTV Music Awards party at Red Room in Miami, honoring Kanye West. He filed a lawsuit against West in 2008, citing mental and physical damages, surgery costs, loss of income and theft.

2006: Knight filed for bankruptcy after a civil lawsuit regarding Death Row Records.

2008: Knight was involved in an altercation at a Hollywood nightclub. He was reportedly “knocked out cold for three minutes” after an argument over money. Knight refused to file a police report or cooperate with police.

2008: Knight was arrested on drug and aggravated assault charges. Two Las Vegas’ Metro police officers saw Knight “10-feet” away, “punching a naked woman with one hand and holding a knight in the other” at a parking lot off the Las Vegas strip. Knight was reportedly partying in a nightclub “less than 24 hours” after he posted a $19,000 bail on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon, drug possession and misdemeanor domestic violence.

He was cleared of all charges.

2009: Knight was treated for face injuries at Arizona Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn after punched by Robert L. Carnes Jr — Akon’s “business manager” — due to an altercation at the W Scottsdale Hotel. Carnes Jr. and Thomas Leon Anderson Jr. were accused of assault and disorderly conduct.

2012: Knight was arrested in Las Vegas after police found marijuana in his vehicle. When law enforcement ran his name, they found multiple warrants for prior traffic violations. He was reportedly placed on three-years of unsupervised probation for driving with a suspended license.

2014: Knight was shot at another West Hollywood-based pre-MTV VMAs party. Chris Brown hosted the pary. Knight survived surgery after being shot six times. Authorities did not identify a suspect and Knight refused to cooperate with police.

2014: He was arrested in Las Vegas in connection with a robbery charge in California, and for having a suspended license. According to Los Angeles district attorney’s office, Knight and comedian Katt Wiliams were suspects in a Beverly Hills robbery where they allegedly stole a camera from a paparazzo. The photographer suffered minor injuries. Knight and Williams were charged with one count of second-degree robbery. He was taking into custody on $500,000 bail. While in jail, Knight experienced chest pain, dizziness and fell. He was hospitalized for a blood clot located in his lung, attributed to the August 2014 incident. He ultimately posted bail.

2015: Suge Knight was arrested for his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run incident and suspicion of murder.