Soul Sisters Podcast: Ani DiFranco on ‘In-Your-Face Feminism’ and ‘The Queer Thing’

Ani DiFranco joined this episode of Soul Sisters on release day for her new album Binary to look back at the culture-defining career that led to this, her 20th studio album, which the politically outspoken artist wrote before Election Day — but still feels just as relevant as if she had known Donald Trump would become President.

“We are in a deeply regressive, perilous political moment, and I think we’re also in an incredibly profound awakening,” she tells us. “That’s what I’m trying to focus on now.”

As more artists today push traditional boundaries in their songwriting (like Halsey writing partner Justin Tranter, who recently credited DiFranco as a huge inspiration in an essay for Billboard), we discuss whether her decision to write candidly about her sexuality from the start was a difficult one.

“In-your-face feminism, let alone the queer thing…” she recalls of how she was perceived back then, “…I definitely contacted the defensive male, patriarchal force.” As she later points out, “Men are in control of death…but women are in control of life. It’s a greater power.”

Listen to the full episode below, hosted by Billboard‘s Jessie Katz with a special guest host appearance by writer/performer Lane Moore, and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes channel for all future episodes!