Snoop Dogg Picture Leads To Punishment For Texas Trooper

Snoop Dogg Picture Leads To Punishment For Texas Trooper

A Texas public safety trooper reportedly required to undergo counseling after taking a picture with Snoop Dogg.

A picture Long Beach, California rapper Snoop Dogg posted on his Instagram page has a Texas public safety trooper in hot water. The Texas trooper, real name Billy Spears, posed with Snoop in the picture uploaded to Instagram and as a result, he now has to undergo counseling, according to

In addition to counseling, Spears now has a disciplinary mark on his record and has no luck at an appeal.

The various repercussions the trooper faces as a result of the picture stems from Snoop Dogg having a “well-known criminal background.”

“While working a secondary employment job, Trooper Spears took a photo with a public figure who has a well-known criminal background including numerous drug charges,” read the department’s statement on the matter, reports the Dallas News. “The public figure posted the photo on social media and it reflects poorly on the Agency.”

The picture was reportedly taken at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas last month, and according to Spears, he had no idea who the rapper was when he took the picture.

Snoop’s picture with Spears can be found below.

Snoop Dogg Texas Trooper

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