Snoop Dogg: “Me Dre Always Wanted To Impress NY When We Made Records””

Snoop Dogg: "Me & Dre Always Wanted To Impress NY When We Made Records""

“Twenty years later, I feel like this night showed that,” Snoop says.

HOT 97’s “Tip-Off”concert united east coast Rappers with their west coast counterparts under one roof, inside of the theater at Madison Square Garden.

Coincidentally, the venue was also the same location where exactly twenty years ago, Suge Knight fueled the east coast vs. west coast Hip Hop feud at the Source Awards.

The show’s headliners Snoop Dogg and Puff Daddy were able to round up an assortment of artists to join them on stage, throughout the memorable night.

After the show, Snoop was able to sit back, smoke and chat with Hot 97’s Nessa. He called the show a  “fun-filled emotional roller coaster” and reflected on its significance.

“This is what we do, we get each other’s back and we show love,” Snoop said, referring to his relationship with Puffy. “This whole event was a built up love fest. It just finally exploded on one stage at one time. That’s what the event was all about. It was about me and Puff touching a sore and putting a band-aid on it and letting people know that we can move forward and that we really love each other and that’s what Hip Hop was made for.”

In regards to Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. not being able to be there for the show, Snoop says he wished that they were able to witness it.

“I just wish that those players could’ve been a part of this, as well as my uncle June Bug and Nate Dogg to really be a part of this positive movement,” he said.

Another one of Snoop’s longtime collaborators, Dr. Dre, was able to join him onstage early on in the night. The renowned producer unexpectedly arrived to perform “The Next Episode” “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang” and “Still D.R.E.”

In the early ’90s, when Snoop and Dre were crafting their chart-topping records, Snoop explained that the duo aimed to impress the opposite coast.

“Me and Dre always wanted to impress New York the most when we made records, and that was always the key,” he says within the clip. “New York was the shit. New York had everything, so we always wanted to impress… Twenty years later, I feel like this night showed that.”

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