Snoop Dogg Calls TDE “A Mini Version Of Death Row”

Snoop Dogg Calls TDE "A Mini Version Of Death Row"

Snoop Dogg compliments Ab-Soul and TDE for its recent rise in Hip Hop.

TDE rapper Ab-Soul was the latest guest to stop by Snoop Dogg’s Double G News show.

Soul spoke to Snoop about a variety of topics, including his These Days… album, growing up in his Grandfather’s record store – Magic Disk Music – and how he became involved with TDE.

Soul explained that his relationship with producer Soundwave, which led to a meeting with TDE President Punch. A day after he met with Punch, Soulho says he was on a record with Jay Rock and K. Dot.

Snoop then complimented Ab-Soul and the record label.

“Ya’ll moving,” he says within the clip. “Ya’ll like a mini version of Death Row. For real though, ya’ll doing it. It looks good. It feels good and it’s got the right spirit on it and people fuck with it so, keep up the good work.”

“Exactly,” Soul replies. “You passed the torch, what else can we do?”

Elsewhere in the 20-minute visual, Soul says that Jay Z is the artist he would like to work with dead or alive and that Curtis Mayfield is the artist he would want to see perform dead or alive.

Check out the full interview below:

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