Sauce Twinz Manager Talks Steve Francis Chain-Snatching, Upcoming Drake Kevin Gates Features

Sauce Twinz Manager Talks Steve Francis Chain-Snatching, Upcoming Drake & Kevin Gates Features

In a DX-exclusive, Sauce Diddy says the Sauce Twinz were not to blame for Steve Francis’ violent chain-snatching. He also details upcoming collaborations with Drake, Kevin Gates, and Boosie Bad Azz.

Last week (March 1), Former NBA All-Star, Steve Francis was the victim of a chain snatching during a sold-out Sauce Twinz concert in Houston, Texas. The TMZ-released footage shows Francis being violently yanked to the ground then stomped in the chest during the on-stage altercation.

HipHopDX spoke with Sauce Twinz manager, Sauce Diddy (who is also known as Kisobama) about the situation. According to Sauce Diddy, “Steve Francis was pretty much drunk and people were trying to get him off stage beforehand.”

“In that altercation it wasn’t really no altercation,” he says. “It was just somebody taking it upon theyself and trying to take that man’s necklace while we were defusing him arguing with one of the artists. He didn’t know who was who. One of my artists was getting on stage to perform and he was trying to stop them from getting on stage. Why he was doing that, I don’t know. That’s how he end up arguing with people. The altercation had nothing to do with us. That was another person taking it upon theyself to try to do some sneaky shit while we were trying to defuse another situation.

“It wasn’t premeditated.” Sauce Diddy continues. “Our people weren’t trying to make it bigger than what it is. It’s just an unfortunate situation that happened at a Sauce Twinz concert.”

Reportedly, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO, J. Prince played a roll in helping Francis receive his stolen chain, which was returned to him on March 4.

In November 2014, The Sauce Twinz released In Sauce We Trust which features “2 “Legited 2 Quited,” “Tatted In The Face,” “Flava In Ya Ear” featuring Kirko Bangz, among others.

“We have the the remix to “2 Legited 2 Quited” featuring Drake [coming soon],” Sauce Diddy says. “We’re about to drop the “Tatted In The Face Remix” with Kevin Gates, as well as the song we have featuring Boosie Bad Azz, [“Why Did I Do This”].

View the chain-snatching below:

Listen to the Sauce Twinz’ In Sauce We Trust: