Roosh Williams Compares Scarface Devin The Dude Studio Sessions

Roosh Williams Compares Scarface & Devin The Dude Studio Sessions

Roosh Williams’ “Unorthodox” is available on February 24.

Houston-emcee, Roosh Williams detailed his recent collaboration with Scarface on “Deep End,” which is produced by TrakkSounds and Alby Dixon. “My first reaction was like, ‘Damn, I got Scarface rapping [on my song],” he shared in an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX.

“In one part he goes, ‘Don’t fuck with me ‘cause you know I’m bout it / Got goons that’ll come but don’t talk about it,’” Roosh said. “He’s rapping like Jay Z on there. When he was rapping it for me [before recording], he talked about that. I’m pretty sure ‘Face is one of Jay Z’s favorite rappers. Just that happening in front of you when it’s on your record is like, ‘That’s fucking tight.’ You don’t hear Scarface rap like that. He’s not double-timing or anything but he’s bouncing to it a little different than he usually does in the middle of the verse. It was just surreal sitting in the lab with ‘Face… It was awesome.”

Roosh Williams also described the differences between working with Scarface on “Deep End” and working with Houston’s Devin The Dude on “Anotha Sucka,” which was included on Roosh’s 2013 release, Drobots: The Reboot.

“[The two studio sessions were ] very different,” he said. “Devin almost came in like an alien, like a humble ass alien. He wasn’t speaking a lot. I’m sure he was high on marijuana or whatever. He came in and everyone was like, ‘Oh shit, Devin!’ He knelt down next to me, we had the beat playing, and I kind of explained to him what I had envisioned for it. Literally within 10 or 15 minutes he had it wrote. It was smooth. He laid it down seamlessly.

“With ‘Face,” he continued, “he had written most of it before he got there. When we sat down to do it, he was kind of rapping it for me making sure I was fucking with it. When he laid it down, it’s just like he transforms. He’s kind of like me when he’s talking to you. When I’m talking to you, I have a calm voice. When I get in the booth I get very aggressive. The animation of the voice comes out. It’s kind of the same thing with ‘Face. When I spoke with him on the phone for the first time, I couldn’t tell it was him. Then when he gets in there and starts rapping, you hear it. You hear Scarface. He’s got one of the most unique voices that I’ve ever heard on the record. The grit just comes out. When you’re talking to him, he’s just laid back cool. When he gets on the record, the monster comes it. It’s like, ‘Whoa.’

“Both of them were real funny—just cool, cracking jokes. With Devin, we had a crowded environment. We had all these people in the studio, video crew and all that. With ‘Face, it was midnight. It was just me ‘Face and the engineer.”

Along with “Deep End,” Roosh Williams has released singles “Roo Legited 2 Quit It,” and “Whip It,” featuring GT Garza off of his album Unorthodox, which is available tomorrow (February 24).

View Roosh Williams “Deep End” featuring Scarface video below: