Rapsody Says The Grammys Don’t Know Hip Hop

Rapsody Says The Grammys Don’t Know Hip Hop


The North Carolina emcee explains her personal reason for doing music.

Rapsody says that the Grammys does not represent Hip Hop culture.

“The Grammys as far as Hip Hop goes, they don’t necessarily know a lot about our culture,” she said to msnbc last week.

The North Carolina rapper says she was rooting for Childish Gambino or ScHoolboy Q in this year’s competition. Both artists were nominated for Best Rap Album and Childish Gambino was also up for Best Rap Performance.

To Rapsody, there is a higher purpose for making music than to win awards. “It’s when I can travel 16 hours to South Africa and a six year old little girl comes up to me and she says I want to be like you when I grow up,” she says. “That’s what fills me with joy to inspire the next generation. That’s more powerful to me than any Grammy.”

In the article, she further explains the influences in her music, including Lauryn Hill. She expands on what it means to be a female Hip Hop artist when men say they can’t relate to women who rap.

“You have to be secure with yourself and you have to be confident in what you do and never second guess it,” she says, “because there’s always someone out there that can relate to you and somebody that you’re speaking for.”

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