Rapper The Jacka Killed in Oakland: Report

The Jacka

The Jacka


Rapper The Jacka — born Dominic Newton — was killed in a shooting in East Oakland, Calif., on Monday, Feb. 2.

The 37-year-old is reported to have been shot on MacArthur Boulevard by 94th Avenue at 8:15 p.m., according to CBS San Francisco. There have been no suspects identified.

The Bay area rapper launched his career as a member of Mob Figaz in the late ’90s. Their 1999 debut album C-Bo’s Mob Figaz debuted at No. 63 on the Billboard Hot 100. The rapper ventured off on a solo career in 2001 with his debut album, Jacka of the Mob Figaz.

Just last year, the West coast veteran collaborated with Freeway on their second LP, Highway Robbery, which took the two six years to record.

Artists as such as Raekwon, Nipsey Hussle and Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter to share their condolences.