Puff Daddy Initially Passed On “0 To 100” Beat, According To Frank Dukes

Puff Daddy Initially Passed On "0 To 100" Beat, According To Frank Dukes

Producer Frank Dukes speaks on “the power of Drake” while addressing “0 To 100” Grammy nomination.

During an interview with Noisey, Frank Dukes, the co-producer of the instrumental to Drake’s “0 To 100”, shed some light on the origins of the beat and who was presented with it first. According to the beatsmith, he sent his portion of the song to Boi-1da who then completed the instrumental while in the studio with Puff in Miami.

Dukes then revealed that to his knowledge, Puff turned down the beat because “it wasn’t life changing enough.”

“No it was called something really generic and stupid like, ‘Vibes’ or something,” Frank Dukes said when asked about the “0 To 100” instrumental. “Originally it was a three minute idea that had all these different parts and I didn’t really write it with any intent of it being used for Drake or for anyone in particular. I just kinda wrote it and gave it to Boi-1da, who was in session at the time in Miami, this was with Diddy. This was like the whole controversy of the incident. From what I understand he made the beat on the spot, played it for Diddy and Diddy passed on it, he said it wasn’t life changing enough and that was that. Then fast forward, ‘0 to 100’ becomes this huge hit and then there’s this weird… whatever happened there? I don’t know, but as far as I understand that’s how it went down.”

Puff and Drake reportedly fought late last year at Miami’s Club LIV over the beat to “0 To 100.” Prior to their alleged brawl in December, Puff Daddy called out Drake while speaking to the audience at a Miami nightclub in June.

“I want to play this next beat,” Puff said in a fan-recorded visual before playing the “0 To 100” beat. ”I gave this shit to this nigga, this nigga stole this shit from me. But at the end of the day, it’s still hard. Play this shit.”

During his interview with Noisey, Frank Dukes also spoke on being nominated for a Grammy thanks to his work on “0 To 100.” He recalled being informed of the nomination while on vacation with his family and being shocked at how far a record that started out as a free song has gone.

“I was actually on vacation with my wife and kid in Punta Cana and my friend just texted me; ‘WTF dude you’re nominated for a Grammy this year?!’ and I thought it was just crazy because it was really just originally a free song that we did that eventually we put on iTunes and made it an official single but it just shows the power of Drake,” the producer said. “He can release a Soundcloud song that becomes Grammy nominated. It’s pretty fucking cool.”

Over the past several years, Frank Dukes has worked with the likes of Danny Brown, Mobb Deep, and G-Unit.

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