Producer Wondagurl Says She Sent Drake Beat For “Used To” Through Instagram

Producer Wondagurl Says She Sent Drake Beat For “Used To” Through Instagram

“I sent Drake a video through Instagram and asked, ‘Would you rap on this?,’” Wondagurl reveals.

The 18-year-old producer behind Drake’s “Used To” off his surprise release, If Youre Reading This Its Too Late, recently revealed that she sent the beat to him through an unorthodox medium.

During a recent conversation with MTV, Wondagurl says that after finishing the beat, she sent it to Drizzy through the social media platform Instagram.

“I made the beat at my house and then I finished it at a studio,” Wondagurl says. “When I finished it, I sent Drake a video through Instagram, through the Direct Message that they have on there. I sent him the video and asked, ‘Would you rap on this?’ He said it was really hard, but to send it. So, I sent it and it turned into [‘Used To’].”

In addition to “Used To,” Wondagurl also co-produced the song “Company” off Drizzy’s latest project. She says that the song came about after sending the beat to Travis Scott who also helped with the work behind the keys.

Later on in the conversation, Wondagurl revealed her aspirations of working with another big name star.

“It’s good,” the teenager from Ontario, Canada says of her production on Drake’s project. “It keeps making me want to work harder. Then I’ll get closer to all my other dreams, too. I’ll get closer to Kanye [West].”

This isn’t Wondagurl’s first production for a major artist either. She also produced “Crown” off Jay Z’s 2013 album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

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