“Power” Creator Discusses Working With 50 Cent

“Power” Creator Discusses Working With 50 Cent

Creator and lead writer for “Power” Courtney Kemp Agboh says 50 Cent has “an amazing sense of story.”

In a recent interview with XXL, creator and lead writer for Starz’ Hip Hop-themed show “Power,” Courtney Kemp Agboh, spoke on her relationship with the show’s executive producer, 50 Cent.

During the conversation, Agboh first outlined the differences between 50 Cent and his character on the show, Kenan.

“It’s funny because 50 Cent and I have spent very little time together,” Courtney Kemp Agboh says. “Curtis and I have spent a lot of time together. That is actually the truth. 50 Cent goes and performs. I have two distinct relationships. I have my actor Curtis Jackson, who I work with and we talk about the performance when we have our actor meetings, like I have with every other actor. For me, it’s so amazing because of the physical changes with [his character] Kenan. 50’s general personality is [very social]; Kenan’s like, sunken. His eyes narrow, there’s like a panther feeling.”

Later on, Agboh spoke on what 50 Cent is like as an executive producer, applauding the G-Unit frontman for his strong storytelling abilities.

“So there’s that, then there’s Curtis my EP,” Agboh says. “The executive producer we share is very much… I’ll be on the phone with him and he’ll start telling me about stories from the neighborhood or about people that he still knows. People that he was obviously in that lifestyle with. When he tells me those stories I’m like [takes notes]. He pitched me something that, for me, is the first three scenes of Season Three. We just talked on the phone and it comes. It’s a funny thing because most people assumed it’s like a vanity project [for him]. But, we spend a lot of time talking about these stories.

“I’d say the biggest scene or the second-biggest scene for Kenan this season came out of a conversation we had and the lines Kenan is saying, 50 just spat that,” Agboh reveals. “We were on the phone [and] he was like, ‘Then he says this, this, and this.’ I was like, ‘Yes!’ That was like months before we even wrote the episode. He gave us something to drive toward. He really does have an amazing sense of story. I know I’ve said that [before] but it’s true. He gets it. He’s a storyteller. It’s interesting; if he had the same kind of education that I had, I wonder if he would be doing what I’m doing, directing movies or whatever.”

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