Police Search Chris Brown’s Lamborghini For Gun

Police Search Chris Brown's Lamborghini For Gun

Police reportedly received a tip that an associate of Brown’s was carrying a firearm last night in Hollywood.

Chris Brown had his car searched for a firearm in Los Angeles last night, according to TMZ.

While the singer attended a pre-Grammy party hosted by T.I., police were apparently informed that an associate of Brown’s was carrying a weapon when they arrived at a club in Hollywood. Police reportedly found and detained Brown’s friend and searched the singer’s Lamborghini for the weapon but didn’t find anything illegal.

Watch footage of the police search below:

Brown’s latest encounter with police comes less than a month after his probation was revoked by a judge following a shooting at one of his recent performances in San Jose, Calif.

Last year, Suge Knight was shot multiple times at a party hosted by Brown at another Hollywood club.

Separately, Brown confirmed that he has finished his probation-mandated community service and is set to reinstate his recently cancelled “Between The Sheets Tour.”