Pharoahe Monch Provides Insight Into “Lost In Translation” Tracks

Pharoahe Monch Provides Insight Into "Lost In Translation" Tracks

Pharoahe Monch says a music video for “Home” with Phonte may be on the way.

To help fans get better familiarized with the records featured on his newest project, Lost In Translation, Queens, New York rapper Pharoahe Monch offered a breakdown of a handful of songs, during an interview with WatchLoud.

Among the songs Pharoahe Monch spoke on was the newly-released “Home,” which also features Phonte and singer Tamisha. The record serves as “the third or fourth time” he’s worked with the former Little Brother lyricist and may possibly be followed by a music video.

“We did one new joint, something special that I just did with Phonte,” Pharoahe Monch said. “The record came out really good. It’s got the funk and bounce to it. People expect me to do ‘Releasing Hypnotical Gases’ on every song but I think people are gonna be surprised at the two-step bounce and the Tribe-Slum-Fatback Band bounce of this record. This is like the third or fourth time [me and Phonte] have worked together. He loves the record. We discussed doing a video for it. He’s rhyming on it, which I know people are gonna be happy about because he’s one of the best MCs in the game. He murders the song.

“Tamisha is an artist that works closely with Phonte on his stuff and Foreign Exchange,” he added. “What a voice. ‘Home’ is a metaphor between scoring at home plate in baseball and my rhyme is like the discovery…the significance of that being where you want to be in a relationship. Your house and home should feel good.”

In regards to Lost In Translation, Monch says the idea for the project stemmed from him wanting to give fans a sole place where they could find songs they may have missed.

“It’s real simple but it’s dope,” the New York City wordsmith said while speaking on Lost In Translation. “It is in fact a gathering of previously released songs that I’m sure even the biggest of Pharoahe Monch fans has missed. But instead of you going on Youtube and looking for them in all these different places, we remastered them and brought them in one place you can find for you and yours. The thing that ties them together is Valentine’s Day. It’s records like ‘The Light,’ ‘Bar Tap,’ ‘So Good’ — things that pertain to being in a bad relationship, good relationship, falling in love and things of those nature. But it’s not all lovey-dovey, wishy washy. It’s spiritual love, it’s sexual, it’s courting. It’s tied together really nicely in the order we put it in.”