Peter Rosenberg Responds To Iggy Azalea Calling Out Hot 97 Hip Hop For Not Respecting Her

Peter Rosenberg-Iggy Azalea

(AllHipHop News) Iggy Azalea once again rubbed some Hip Hop followers the wrong way when she expressed people in the culture do not give her the respect she is due. Azalea called out New York radio station Hot 97 in particular.

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“It’s frustrating for me with, because I’ll have personal relationships with them outside of the media,” said Iggy. “I find it particularly, personally offensive when they often times take on the general opinion of others or the viewership to try to get clicks.”

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg responded to Iggy’s comments during a segment of “The Realness.” The Ebro In The Morning co-host started off by saying he has never dissed Iggy. He then suggested the “Fancy” performer’s issue with the station stem from an interview Hot did with her rival Azealia Banks.

“Did we give another artist a platform to express her feelings about Iggy Azalea? Yes, we did. Did we agree with and understand some of the things that artist said? Of course,” Rosenberg replied. “Instead of Iggy talking to me about that. She DM’d me upset, and then instantly unfollowed me [on Twitter]. That is not how you handle a dialogue.”

According to Rosenberg, the conversations about Iggy on Hot 97 were to help her gain credibility in Hip Hop and maintain longevity. He also called the Australia native talented but believes Iggy’s ego may be playing a part in the riff.

“Honestly, Iggy has let her ego get in the way of having a dialogue,” added Rosenberg. “You should not go to some random ass pop station – no disrespect – and talk about your relationship in Hip Hop.”

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Watch Peter Rosenberg’s “The Realness” below.