OutKast “Bigger Than Run-DMC,” Big Gipp Says

OutKast "Bigger Than Run-DMC," Big Gipp Says

The Goodie Mob member says the reunion tour solidified OutKast’s place in Hip Hop history.

Big Gipp spoke with DJ Smallz Eyes and had high praise for fellow Dungeon Family group OutKast in light of its reunion tour last summer.

“They proved to everybody that they are the greatest Hip Hop group to ever touch the mic,” he says. “They bigger than Run-DMC. They bigger than everybody. They the biggest. Nobody sold more records than them, nobody achieved musically what they achieved.”

OutKast played more than 40 shows across the country, including three shows in their hometown of Atlanta.

The Goodie Mob member says that OutKast’s success is especially extraordinary because they are from the South, not from New York or Los Angeles. Gipp says that the group’s legacy, along with that of Dungeon Family as a whole, is unmatched.

“You can’t tell me we didn’t do something,” he says. “We did it, you can’t beat us. You have to wait ‘til we die. You have to come back and do it again.”

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