Nitty Scott Talks Dating Kendrick Lamar Changing Her Image

Nitty Scott Talks Dating Kendrick Lamar & Changing Her Image

“The Art of Chill” rapper sits down with Hot 97’s morning crew.

People have been responding to Nitty Scott’s new revealing image.

She spoke on Hot 97’s  Ebro in the Morning about the effects of her decision to show off her body.

When asked if more people have been sliding into her Twitter direct messages, Nitty replied,“I don’t have a number, but it’s absolutely increased.”

Scott told the radio show morning crew that early in her career, she was advised that she wouldn’t be respected as a sexy female rapper, so she chose to cover up. Most of the criticism she has received for her new image comes from men.

“It was men that were telling me in the beginning that you can’t be this hot and this talented at the same time,” she says. “Minds will be blown. We can’t handle it. I accepted that bullshit for a long time and kept myself in this place where I was miserable. People don’t know this. People don’t know that I was miserable. I would feel like I was completely suppressed.”

Kendrick Lamar’s name came up in the conversation when the Art of Chill rapper told Ebro that she used to date him. The two have worked together before, most notably on “Flower Child.”

“That was my boo. I was seeing him and him only for at least a year,” she says. “The people that were in charge of my career in the past, that was a relationship that they were not comfortable with. I think that’s out of pocket already simply because I don’t think your personal relationships should be determined by people you are involved with professionally. But that is what really made it so that it couldn’t flourish just because I was told that was not a good look.”

Watch the full interview below: