Nick Cave soundtracks a new animated PETA ad starring Iggy Pop and his dog —watch

Nick Cave and Iggy Pop aren’t the first guys you’d imagine cuddling a happy pup, but both are fierce advocates for the protection of animals. Pop, especially, has a longstanding relationship with PETA, having worked with the animal rights organization on multiple occasions. Now, the duo have teamed up for a new animated video that encourages viewers to “be the person your dog thinks you are.”

For the ad, Cave contributed “Breathless”, a jaunty, wistful track that urges us to acknowledge our role in protecting our furry and not-so-furry friends. “The rabbit hides beneath the ground,” he sings, “For he is defenseless without you.”

Cave’s song underscores the animated adventures of a shirtless, ripped Iggy Pop, who finds creative means to foil a hunter’s traps and a fisherman’s nets when not saving a turtle caught in the middle of a highway. In the end, it’s revealed that it was all the dream of Iggy Pop’s own dog, who shares a touching moment with his owner in the final moments.

Watch the video above, then head over to PETA’s website to sign their pledge to end animal homelessness or to consider adopting an animal of your own. As evidenced by Cave and Pop, all the cool kids are doing it.