New Song ‘I’ll Show You’ From Justin Bieber’s Introspective

New Song 'I'll Show You' From Justin Bieber's Introspective

With “What Do You Mean” and “Sorry,” Justin Bieber’s first two singles from upcoming fourth LP, Purpose, the singer explored an upbeat, danceable vibe. But his latest album tease, “I’ll Show You,” is a weighty, introspective electro-R&B jam. “This life’s not easy/I’m not made out of steel,” Bieber croons over atmospheric synthesizers. “Don’t forget that I’m human; don’t forget that I’m real / Act like you know me, but you never will.”

Justin Bieber releases another Skrillex-assisted single off “Purpose”: “I’ll Show You.”

Justin Bieber has come through with another single off his upcoming album, Purpose, which drops on November 13. The new song, “I’ll Show You,” is another collaboration with EDM producer Skrillex, following “Sorry,” the “dance video” to which has amassed almost 60 million YouTube views after being released just over a week ago. The background chirps and synths on “I’ll Show You” can be immediately attributed to Skrillex, though like “Sorry,” the production is softly built around Bieber’s vocals, which are the main focus. Skrillex is listed as a contributor on 5 tracks on Purpose.

“I’ll Show You” finds Bieber getting vulnerable, singing about how, as his life is constantly being recorded, “they forget that I’m real.” The new single comes a couple of days after Bieber decided to remix Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” The promotional rollout approaching Purpose has been expertly coordinated thus far.