Neef Buck Details Jay Z Being Scrapped From Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy (Remix)”

Neef Buck Details Jay Z Being Scrapped From Cam'ron's "Oh Boy (Remix)"

Neef Buck says he can picture a Roc-A-Fella Records reunion, says Jay Z is “on a different level.”

During an interview with Vlad TV, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania artist Neef Buck spoke in-depth about Jay Z’s verse being scrapped from Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy (Remix),” which featured Birdman, TQ, and Jim Jones.

Neef was asked if Jay Z not being included on the song is what caused a rift between the two artists. In response, he attributed the fallout between the two New York City artists to Cam’ron being from Harlem and Jay Z hailing from Brooklyn.

“They scratched it,” Neef Buck said while speaking on the “Oh Boy (Remix).” “You know how big it was for Harlem guys to click with Brooklyn guys? So, when Jay, Biggs, and Dame clicked that was big. For New York, that don’t happen…Different boroughs they don’t see eye-to-eye. They do a lot of things different. You know what I’m saying? Everybody knows that.”

The former Roc-A-Fella Records artist was then asked about the possibility of a reunion among those who were signed to the label. He revealed that he can picture a reunion between some of the artists who were signed to the label since Jay seems to be cordial with quite a few people nowadays.

“I can’t see everybody, but I see—State Property always been good with everybody…I know he’s still keeping in touch with Biggs,” Neef Buck said. “And him and Dame ain’t had no issues with—Jay done forgave people. I’m not saying nothing happened with him and Dame that’s serious, but he done forgave people that he really had issues with. He done forgave Un. He done put his differences to the side with Nas. People that [he] had real tension with. Like something really happened or whatever. So, I can see it happen. I don’t know about all the artists that was signed over there. Cause at a time, Dame just started signing people. So, I don’t know if everybody’s invited.”

Lastly, Neef addressed Funkmaster Flex’s rant against Jay Z and the rapper’s Life + Times website. Neef says he found the incident funny, but added that Jay Z’s nephew, who he was with at the time of the rant, didn’t find it as humorous.

“That was funny,” Neef Buck said. “I laughed. I was in Miami with Jay nephew, so it was really funny. We was messing with him. He was so angry. He was trying to get back to New York. We was dying laughing, but you know, like I tell everybody man, Hov is on a different boat. He’s on a different level, man. He’s too far gone.”

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