Murda Mook Says Snoop Dogg “Fought” For Battle Rappers To Appear In BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Murda Mook Says Snoop Dogg "Fought" For Battle Rappers To Appear In BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Murda Mook recalls being the underdog during a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher with DMX, Cassidy, and Eve.

According to Harlem, New York rapper Murda Mook, Snoop Dogg inviting a group of battle rappers to perform during a live cypher at last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards was a major feat for the battle rap community.

Despite the weight of such a performance, the New York City wordsmith revealed that there were some who criticized the cypher. During a newly-released interview with Vlad TV, Mook questioned the type of person who would hate on a cypher that helped open up doors.

He later applauded Snoop Dogg, who he says “fought” for the battle rapper cypher to take place at the annual awards show.

“What kind of niggas hates on that? Cause what niggas just did is opened up the door, so now it’s like niggas can feel way more comfortable letting battle rap niggas come and do they thing over here,” Murda Mook said. “So, first you gotta shout out Snoop for having the ultimate confidence in us. People don’t understand how much confidence you have to have. Snoop fought for that. That wasn’t some thing that they just wanted to do and they came to Snoop like ‘Yo, we have this idea.’ Snoop came to them like ‘Yo listen, I have this idea that I want to do.’ You understand what I’m saying? And to do that and for Snoop to have the confidence in niggas that they gon’ go up there and knock this shit out. That says volumes to the type of individual that he is. And who he put his confidence in.”

Prior to speaking on last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, Murda Mook recalled being in a cypher with DMX, Eve, and Cassidy, during the awards show in 2012.

“Two years ago, I did the cypher. It was me, DMX, Eve, and Cassidy,” he said. “We did a cypher, right? And they told me ‘Yo, 16 bars.’ Now I’m new to this cypher shit. I’m new to it. I don’t really know. So, I’m like ‘Okay, 16 bars. No problem.’ I’m like ‘Damn, but how do you really go—16 bars is like [crazy].’ But I crammed in enough bars. I had a lot of hot shit in there too…And then I seen Cassidy go next. Cassidy do like 40. Then I see X. X do like 50. I’m like ‘Hold up, hold up. Wait a minute, wait a minute.’ I’m like ‘Yo, y’all niggas told me [16 bars]’…But I took that as ‘You a little nigga, really. You really a little nigga. You just getting your feet wet in rap, rap. This ain’t battle rap, nigga. This is the other rap.’”

Murda Mook’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.
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