Mister Cee Talks Leaving Hot 97 Addressing His Sexual Urges (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Mister Cee recently sat down with Hip Hop My Way to discuss his decision to resign from Hot 97 in November. The DJ was asked if it was difficult for him to break from Hot after being a fixture on the New York radio station for years.

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“No, honest to God it wasn’t hard. It was something I thought about five years prior,” said Cee. “The person that kept saying let’s stick this out, was [Funkmaster] Flex. I didn’t want to be on Hot 97 at 50 years old. I’m 48.”

Cee revealed when he announced his departure from Hot 97 live on air he did not know he would be offered a job at Radio 103.9. He admits the jump from his longtime employer was frightening.

“I was scared as s**t,” Cee stated. “I literally slept every night for two weeks with my heart fluttering. I couldn’t sleep all the way throughout the night.”

Later in the interview, Cee discussed how overcoming the backlash from his arrests for soliciting oral sex from transgender prostitutes encouraged him to not worry about other people’s opinions.

“If I can withstand this, I can withstand anything,” declared Cee.

Cee added he has been attending therapy and has not been engaging in sex with prostitutes. The DJ tells Karlie Hustle he is in love with a woman he has been dating off and on for a while, but Cee feels the need to “cleanse” himself from his sexual urges before he commits to her.

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Watch Mister Cee’s interview below.