Miguel Says He Wouldn’t Appear on ‘SNL’ With Donald Trump, Voting for Him is ‘F—ing Ignorant’


Miguel performs songs from his new album “Wildheart” at Hollywood And Highland Center on July 13, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. 

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Miguel says he doesn’t know who he wants to vote for as the next president of the United States, but casting a ballot for Donald Trump would be “fucking ignorant.”

Speaking with NME, the Los Angeles crooner said, “there’s a tremendous responsibility that we all have just to not be fucking ignorant.”

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Conversation turned to Trump’s upcoming Saturday Night Life hosting role. 

“I believe it will be good for the ratings, I’m sure that’s how they’re looking at it too,” Miguel said. “But you know, I think there’s also a responsibility that you have to have. And I don’t think ignorance deserves that kind of attention and unfortunately we live in a world where attention is the ultimate currency.”

He continued, “His ability to aggregate attention is valuable to a network, a business where advertising is the source of income,” he continued. “And that means you need as much attention as possible. If I was asked to perform on the same episode as Donald Trump, I would be faced with the same decision as the network. And me being who I am I would definitely decline, probably at my own detriment.”

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Miguel’s own political allegiance is unclear, as he said he’s “not clear on what each viable candidate standing is on the issues that matter to me yet.” He said he doesn’t vote for any particular party, necessarily. 

“When I do vote it’ll be for the candidate that wants to do something about the issues that matter to me and that’s the best thing that we can do,” he said. 

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