Michel’le Says Dr. Dre Shot At Her (VIDEO)

Michel'le-Dr. Dre

(AllHipHop News) Michel’le is a singer, reality star, and the mother of one of Dr. Dre’s children. The former member of Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records sat down with VladTV, and during the interview she claimed that her ex-boyfriend Dre was extremely violent towards her.

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“I was getting dragged across floors, shot at,” said Michel’le. “One night we were arguing. He went and got the gun. I just made it through the bathroom door. He shot at me and missed me by that much.”

Michel’le goes on to say that Dre never tried to shoot her again, but she stated he did beat her repeatedly. According to the “No More Lies” performer, the two finally split after nearly a decade together. Michel’le also discussed the infamous Dee Barnes incident where Dre attacked Barnes at an event.

“It was normal to me,” Michel’le said about Dre allegedly assaulting Barnes.

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Watch Michel’le’s interview below.