Michel’le Recalls Dr. Dre Shooting At Her

Michel’le Recalls Dr. Dre Shooting At Her

Michel’le says Dr. Dre did attack former radio host Dee Barnes, details the moment she could no longer continue her relationship with Dr. Dre.

After revealing to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that she suffered five blacks eyes at the hands of Dr. Dre, Michel’le revealed that she was also shot at by the rapper/producer.

While speaking with Vlad TV, the singer says she would get dragged on the floor by Dr. Dre, and later recalled one incident in which he shot at her after the two were involved in a verbal argument.

Michel’le then spoke on the moment she chose to officially end her relationship with Dr. Dre.

“I was getting dragged on the floor,” Michel’le said. “Shot at…One night we was arguing. He went and got the gun. And I just made it through the bathroom door and the shot—And he shot at me and he missed me by that much. He almost hit. He shot at me…I left the bullet in the hole and it went out—It was in the door and then it went through the side of the wall in the bathroom. And I left it there for a while, just so he could see it. But he never tried to shoot me anymore. Thank God. But the beatings were—It was a lot…His last wife, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s too much. I had already waited out the babies, the baby mamas, the hookers, the hos. I was growing up and I was just going ‘There’s gotta be something better.’”

During her interview, Michel’le was asked about the notorious incident involving Dr. Dre and former radio host, Dee Barnes. Similar to past reports on the incident, including one from Rolling Stone reporter Alan Light, she confirmed that Dre did physically attack Barnes at a Los Angeles nightclub due to her interview with Ice Cube.

“The story’s not hazy,” she said. “He just didn’t want to say it. They were at a club and he saw her and he had a few too many and he went straight for her. She ran in the girl’s bathroom and he went right after her. And he commenced to beating her. But she did get paid later.”

Michel’le also spoke on her relationship with Dr. Dre after she became pregnant with their son (now 24-years-old).

“It became more strained because now he was getting—He was able to get up and just go,” the singer said. “Where I couldn’t do that anymore. I couldn’t follow him anymore. And I think it became more disrespectful because then if you’re not there somebody else [will be]. He just—I don’t know. I don’t wanna say he wasn’t ready to have a baby. Cause he had already just had a baby when I met him. He had two women pregnant. So, I’m like ‘What was I thinking?’ One baby came and then the—When I met him, one was in the belly. And then one had just dropped. So, there were two babies born within a year or so apart.”

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