Michael Rapaport Compares Kobe Bryant To Kanye West

Michael Rapaport Compares Kobe Bryant To Kanye West

The actor and director likens Kobe Bryant to Kanye West because of their “love/hate vibe.”

Michael Rapaport, who directed Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, recently spoke with Ball Over All in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn about how he feels Kobe Bryant compares to Chicago rapper Kanye West.

During the conversation, Rapaport cited the way that both Kanye West and Kobe Bryant share a love/hate vibe, and how the two icons are among some of the hardest working individuals in their respective lanes as reasons why he believes they are similar.

“Rapaport equates Kobe’s fandom to that of Kanye West, arguably the most polarizing figure in the music industry,” the article says. “Both Kobe and Kanye encompass a ‘love/hate’ vibe that he feels is a testament to how similar the two stars truly are.

“When it comes to hoops, there isn’t a harder worker in the game than Kobe,” the piece adds. “He is a ‘basketball nerd’ through and through as Rapaport describes, similar to the way Kanye allows himself to be engulfed by his music, fashion, or whatever venture he chooses to go into… Aside from their similar drive and work ethic, Rapaport also points to the way that the two are criticized and, to a degree, hated on. Kobe’s insistence on signing a max contract with the Lakers was one of the major takeaways from this past offseason with many claiming the Black Mamba was ‘holding the Lakers hostage’ with such a ridiculous contract.”

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