Michael Jordan Is Now A Billionaire

michael jordan

Michael Jordan has entered the billionaire boys club. Number 23 has placed on Forbes annual list of the world’s billionaires with a real-time net worth of $1 billion. The six-time champion placed at no. 1,741 and is one of the 290 new billionaires to enter this year’s list.

Jordan was able to enter the billionaire rankings thanks to his Jordan deal with NIKE and his ownership of the NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats, according to Forbes. The Jordan brand raked in 2.25 billion in 2013, which put a hefty $90 million in MJ’s pockets. Owning the Bobcats was the big cash cow though. With former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who also places at no. 35 on the list, buying the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, the value of NBA teams skyrocketed.