Manolo Rose Reacts To Launch Of Jay Z’s TIDAL

Manolo Rose Reacts To Launch Of Jay Z's TIDAL

Manolo Rose speaks on the criticism TIDAL has already received and breaks down his thoughts on the service’s pricing.

With yesterday’s press conference for Jay Z’s new streaming service TIDAL drawing some criticism around the web and sparking second-thoughts about the service itself, Bed-Stuy rapper Manolo Rose says detractors are complaining unfairly.

Speaking with HipHopDX’s Justin Hunte, Rose, whose song “Dope Man” controversially fueled Troy Ave’s “All About The Money” last year, says the value proposition for TIDAL speaks for itself given the celebrity musicians involved.

“It was a lot of people against it,” Rose says in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. “I didn’t understand. I didn’t see no one really complain about Pandora before, or any other streaming company. Some people would say, ‘Alright, they’re charging you for this one.’ But you gotta think, if all these artists are gonna come together then I’m pretty sure there will be exclusive songs on this that is not everywhere else. How many was on stage with them? At least 20? Let’s say it was a good 10. Let’s say you get two exclusive records from each of the artists that were on stage, that just mean you’re actually just paying what? A dollar a record for two new songs from each of those artists. But somebody’s gon’ find some way—because it is who it is—they’re gonna find some way to complain. I guarantee it, they gon’ be like, ‘C’mon. Why I gotta pay for this.’ Damn, man, dude can’t do nothing.”

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