Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records Status

Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne's Cash Money Records Status

“Hip Hop can only take you so far,” Mannie said of Wayne’s potential.

Mannie Fresh believes that Lil Wayne has outgrown Cash Money Records, and not just because of the recent turmoil between Weezy and the label. At the end of January, Wayne filed a lawsuit seeking $8 million and the nullification of his remaining contractual ties to Cash Money.

“I just think Wayne is growing as an artist,” Fresh said in an interview with the Associated Press. “Wayne has given us some great albums, but he has never given us that album with like a Justin Timberlake on it…with features…we expect from an artist of your caliber.”

One potentially-limiting factor that Fresh points to Cash Money’s tendency to almost exclusively pair their artists together, restricting features and collaborations with outside artists and producers.

“I think he’s going — real talk — ‘I could probably use Drake and Nicki, but I’ve done that so many times. Let’s get out there and do things so I can show that I am bigger than life.’”

Fresh continued to explain how Wayne would benefit from collaborations with artists of higher – if not, simply, different – caliber.

“He’s going to get somebody with star power that can bring other people to the table,” Fresh says. “If I did do a song and I got Justin Timberlake on it, I got Justin Timberlake fans as well. I think Wayne is starting to see it in that way. Hip hop can only bring you so far.”

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