Malcolm X’s Daughter: If Hip Hop Artists Are Going To Use The N-Word, Then Everybody Should Be Able To (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Ilyasah Shabazz admits that she listens to some Hip Hop, but the daughter of iconic activist Malcolm X is not fond of the word “n***a” being used in a lot of the songs. She spoke with TMZ about the use of the N-word in rap music.

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“If you’re going to use it, then everybody should be able to use it,” Shabazz told a cameraman. “So if you don’t like other people using it, then we shouldn’t use it.”

Last year, Shabazz also took issue with the word “n***a” when Nicki Minaj posted the famous picture of Malcolm X looking out of the window to her Instagram page. The photograph was used as promotion for Minaj’s song “Lookin’ Ass N***as.” Shabazz called Nicki’s use of the image “disrespectful.”

Shabazz spoke about her father’s legacy during the TMZ interview as well. Even though the 52-year-old author feels Malcolm’s birthday is not celebrated at the level it should, she is optimistic about the younger generation’s appreciation for his contributions.

“I think that this generation – they are understanding and appreciating the fact that he was a very young man that sacrificed a lot,” she stated. “In 12 short years he made a significant impact around the world.”

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Watch Ilyasah Shabazz’s interview below.