Lord Jamar Talks Debate With Royce Da 5’9″, Explains Why Eminem Is Just Like Iggy Azalea Vanilla Ice


(AllHipHop News) Early last month Lord Jamar and Royce da 5’9″ were engaged in a debate on Twitter over Jamar’s comments that Eminem was no different than Macklemore and Justin Timberlake. The cordial online back-and-forth sparked conversations about Em, his achievements in Hip Hop, and white privilege.

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Jamar spoke with VladTV about the exchange with Royce. He said:

First shout to Royce for coming at me in a way that was productive. Some people would want to be an a**hole about it and try to turn it into something that it doesn’t have to be. He came to me in a grown man, adult type of way…

What he had to say? He didn’t lie. Everything he said was truthful. But at the same time that has nothing to do with my point. We can list all kind of accolades that people have done. And those accolades are facts, but they might give you credit in one column, but not necessarily in another.

Jamar went on to add his intent on saying Em was not any different from Macklemore was not about the two rapper’s comparative skill levels. For the Brand Nubian member, the comparison was simply addressing White performers making a Black art form and being successful in that genre due in part to white privilege.

“That’s how Eminem is just like Macklemore, just like Iggy Azalea, just like Vanilla Ice, just like Elvis, just like Kenny G, just like all those motherf**kers,” said Jamar.

The creator of 2006’s The 5% Album further stated his opinions are not meant to be received as “Hip Hop law.” He also tells the audience if they do not like what he has to say then do not watch the video.

Jamar believes he does have a role to play in calling out artists that get credit he feels don’t deserve it. While he does not consider Eminem a “wack rapper,” in Jamar’s eye the Detroit native should not be held in high esteem for accomplishing feats other emcees before him have also achieved.

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Watch Lord Jamar’s interview.