Logic Details Drug Use

Logic Details Drug Use

Logic says he’s never been awake and drunk at the same time.

Through interviews and music Logic has described his past drug use and family problems. His difficult up-bringing is worn proudly when letting people know who he is.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the Gaithersburg, Maryland native talked about smoking weed and brought up an interesting fact about himself. He’s never been intoxicated with alcohol while awake.

“Drinking was something I was never really into, which is weird,” Logic said when asked about his past drug/alcohol usage. “There’s times I would drink with my homies and really drink. But there’s never been a time where I’m awake and drunk. I was young I was a lightweight when I was 14. I weighed 98 pounds so I would drink and then whatever with my homies and then just pass out so I’ve never really experienced that.”

Logic also talked about quitting cigarettes and the lessened desire to smoke marijuana.

“I quit [smoking] on October 21,” he explained. “So when I dropped the album, I’m done with cigarettes. If I wanted to smoke, I would do it. I think a big part of it is what it’s done to my family and weed is literally like a gateway drug… We’re human beings. Everybody has their vice. Everybody has their things they do.”

Logic released his latest album, Under Pressure last year. He recently dropped a track with Big K.R.I.T. called “Top 10.”

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