Listen to Nick Jonas Covering Kanye West’s Ballad, ‘Only One’

Nick Jonas, BB38.

Nick Jonas photographed on Oct. 7, 2014 at Jack Studios in New York City.

Miller Mobley

Kanye West’s new Paul McCartney-featuring sentimental ballad, “Only One,” has been making an impact on the charts as well as on a number of live performances the hip-hop superstar has been making lately.

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But whether you love it or would rather he just go back to more straightforward rapping, there’s one thing both supporters and detractors can probably agree on: West isn’t a technically superb singer. 

Enter Nick Jonas, who — love him or hate him — surely it can be agreed on, has a solid set of pipes. (Ahem, no, not that pipage.)

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On Sunday Jonas released a cover of Yeezy’s “Only One” and while it might not have the same sort of personal resonance, it’s great to hear the track really belted out and take on a life of its own.  

Listen here: