Lil Wayne’s “Free Weezy Album” Status Addressed By Mack Maine

Lil Wayne's "Free Weezy Album" Status Addressed By Mack Maine

Mack Maine also mentions Drake’s “If Youre Reading This Its Too Late” mixtape in a tweet.

Mack Maine says that Lil Wayne’s Free Weezy Album will not be released today (February 13).

“Take that cover down and stop lying to the people…@LilTunechi not dropping anything tonight…enjoy @drake mixtape….we workin,” the music executive says in a tweet.

Mack Maine’s post arrives about 90 minutes after Lil Wayne tweeted “Hit sent.  #FWA” today. 

Yesterday, Drake released his If Youre Reading This Its Too Late mixtape, which is expected to sell 500,000 copies its first week on the charts and debut at #1.

Lil Wayne’s and Mack Maine’s tweets are as follows, as is a post featuring the purported Free Weezy Album cover.