KOTD’s “Back To Basics” Event Announced

KOTD's "Back To Basics" Event Announced

Rone is slated to battle The Saurus at KOTD’s “Back To Basics.”

KOTD’s “Back To Basics” event is slated to take place April 18 in Los Angeles, according to BattleRap.com.

Rone’s face-off with The Saurus is the first announced battle, one that the event’s trailer says will feature, “No lav mics. No stage. No entourage. No hosts. Just battles. Pit format.”

“We’re going back to basics as a result of huge events not pleasing the fans and battles ultimately suffering because of it,” KOTD staff/cameraman/editor Kyle “Avocado” Gray said during an exclusive interview with BattleRap.com. “The disconnect that the stage creates between the fans and the battles takes away the raw energy that we all grew up loving with battle rap.”

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