Kendrick Lamar’s Latest Album Wasn’t Always Called ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar’s new album wasn’t always called To Pimp a Butterfly. It’s original title was close, but worked with an acronym that helped a blog guess the name. 

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The Compton rapper revealed in an interview with MTV News that he had originally intended to call the album To Pimp a Caterpillar, which was an homage in its abbreviation to Tupac, who Lamar sort of interviews on the album’s final track. 

Lamar said he was impressed to find out that the blog Dead End Hip Hop picked up on this early. 

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“That was the original name and they caught it because the abbreviation was Tupac, Tu-P-A-C,” he said. “Me changing it to Butterfly, I just really wanted to show the brightness of life and the word “pimp” has so much aggression, and that represents several things. For me, it represents using my celebrity for good. Another reason is, not being pimped by the industry through my celebrity.”

Watch part one of the in-depth interview here: