Kanye West Speaks At Oxford University

Kanye West Speaks At Oxford University

A full visual recap of the event is expected to be released soon.

Kanye West spoke to the Oxford Guild Society at the University’s Museum of Natural History today (March 2) for about half an hour, according to Business Insider.

Students at the University live-blogged ‘Ye’s lecture, which covered a wide variety of topics.

BI reports that more than 1,600 students and administrators attended the event dubbed by the guild as “the biggest speaker of the year.”

While a full visual of the event is expected to be released soon, students provided commentary via Twitter of ‘Ye’s dialogue using the hashtag #YeOx.

Two of the University’s publications provided coverage. The Tab tweeted quotes from ‘Ye like, “beauty has been stolen from the people and is being sold back to them as luxury #YeezOx” and “people say I’ve got a bad reputation. I think I’ve got the best reputation in the building #YeezOx.”

An editor from the other student-led publication Versa, spoke to BI about Kanye’s monumental appearance.

“Everyone went crazy staying up all night to get tickets,” said Ruth Maclean, a philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) undergraduate. “Not every lecturer at Oxford is as exciting as Kanye. It was pretty surreal seeing Kanye in a drab lecture theatre in Oxford; 300 students sitting in awed silence as he went on a mad stream of consciousness was not really the usual situation you expect to see a world-famous rapper. I heard him say a lot of new stuff which you don’t really hear in public — he seemed to have a more political slant outside just music — in fact he barely spoke about music at all. He moved from one thing to another so quickly that your mind felt frazzled — art, philosophy, politics — and seemed to suggest a vision of the future where art and politics would not be separate — where creative endeavor permeated every area of life.”

Check Tweets regarding the event below:

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