Kanye West Justin Bieber Sent 500,000 D*cks In A Bag?

Kanye West-Justin Bieber

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Kanye West and pop star Justin Bieber are both known to be egotistical at times. The website ShipABagOfD*cks.com apparently attempted to burst the two superstar performers’ egos by having the public send them gummy penises.

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The site supposedly ran a “Buy One/Give One” April Fools promotion which allowed purchasers to ship a bag of d**ks to Kanye or Bieber with a note that reads, “Suck a bag of d**ks.” According to SABOD, Ye totaled 4,004 bags and Biebs counted up 3,558. That is close to 500,000 candy d**ks.

Did Kanye and Bieber really receive the gummies? The world has to wait and see if either performer comments on the purported shipment of mini private parts.

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Watch ShipABagOfD*cks’ video below.